These are the proposed rules the organization


First candidate to register at #equalfoot for a political campaign assigns budget cap** for the race which is at least 10% less then the record for the previous race for the same seat. First candidate is required to agree to the terms of equal foot to use the logo on campaign materials.

First candidate solicits previous budget amount from the incumbent. Incumbent has 48 hours to respond or incumbent must remove equalfoot logo.

The second candidate registering on the site for the same race as the first candidate agrees to the budget cap. That candidate is allowed to use the equalfoot logo. Or the candidate challenges for a new cap with the first candidate. The two candidates have seventy-two hours to agree to a new cap. If they do not agree then neither may use the logo. If they agree, the cap is increased or decreased to the agreed upon amount. If agreement is not made by the time limit, then neither candidate can use the equalfoot logo.

Any subsequent candidate must agree to the cap to use the equalfoot logo. If the candidate joins during a challenge then the candidate must use the original cap unless the challenge is successful in which case the candidate must use the new cap. If the candidate joins after the first challenge, then the candidate must agree to the latest cap or challenge.

Any candidate can challenge after the first challenge. All parties must agree to the new cap or the original is maintained. This applies as well if there was no first challenge by the second candidate to sign up.

A candidate elect can elect to raise the cap by asking the people in the zip codes(s) under the election area. Anyone claiming to be a resident or employed in the covered area may certify under risk of penalty of perjury that he/she is a resident or worker in the affected zip codes and vote withing thirty days following an election. An individual must register and vote annonimously on the equalfoot.org site and may only cast two votes per election.

**Candidates agree to disclose and provide an allowance adjustment for major perks that may be provided for any candidate such as the use of Air Force One to fly without campaign expense to political events.

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